Les Sól Origin Story

Les Sól Origin Story - Les Sól

I wanted to take some time here to tell my story, of why and what led me to open a boutique. First of all, I have always wanted to create something with my sister. I am super lucky in the way that my family is extremely close and our love runs deep. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my family, especially Megs. So please take some time to read if you are even a bit interested.

I have always loved fashion, sustainability, and making personal connections with people—it brings so much joy to me. When I graduated college, I was working 6 jobs at one point (not kidding, I also love hard work
so it’s some of that too) just to make part-time. It was extremely stressful and I didn’t know what to do with a degree I didn’t necessarily love at that point. I felt so lost. I did, however, find one job that I loved, yet it quickly took over my life. Looking back, I am grateful for the experience but I also know I worked my ass off to get where I was.

However, it quickly became a toxic environment, which many of us have experienced and are familiar with. But I didn’t really understand the depth of it until recently, as I have been doing lots of reflecting. And if you knew me and talked to me at all at that point in my life, you know this too well. But things change, and there came a point where I was at a crossroads. I could go and work somewhere corporate, my partner and I could move and kinda start over, or I could put down roots and grow my own business here in Minneapolis. I decided, with my family, that I would start a business. And the first thing I did was ask Megs to be a co-owner. I couldn’t even fathom doing this without her...and I am so glad I did that.

Then, back in October things took a turn in our personal lives, my grandmother unexpectedly fell very ill and decided it was her time to pass on. Most of my family was able to be with her as she crossed over and it was one of the saddest, but also most beautiful moments in my life. I hope I am so loved and blessed someday to pass in old age with family beside me, guiding me on.
I learned so much from my grandma...she was a tough and stubborn, but hilarious woman. 

The reason we were able to start this business, was some money she left her family. This wouldn’t be possible without her, and I’ve wanted to respect her spirit in this process. These last few months have been extremely hard, and I know not just for me. We are all struggling, which has manifested in negative ways for some. But I had to come to the realization that, no matter what, this business that I’ve worked tirelessly for—is my sister's and mine. We did it for ourselves and for all the people we get to meet and connect with through it. I have had to emulate the strength my Grandmother had, and I didn’t know I had, through this. I have had to be tough, I have had to stand up for myself, and I am proud of what we have created. Together.

I can’t wait to share it with everyone, and I hope it can become a space where everyone can feel loved, welcomed, and happy. 

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