Meet: Frances Finds

Meet: Frances Finds - Les Sól

Allow me to officially introduce myself, I’m Eve Martin; Les Sól GM, spreader of joy, fashion fanatic. I’ve always done things in my own way and my clothing choices are no different. I think the “rules” of fashion are silly and most rules are meant to be broken* anyway (my mom taught me that). I often ask, “Is this ugly? Or is it so ugly it’s cute?” I like to toe the line, it keeps things interesting and authentic. A good outfit makes me squeal and curating Frances Finds certainly brought a lot of noise. This retro collection is “The Nanny” meets Y2K, it’s bright, hot, and an all-around good time. 

As I shopped for this collection, I looked for pieces I am genuinely sad to give up—pieces that can’t easily be replicated; must haves and hidden gems. The colors are vibrant and the sizing is varied. Ultimately, I want everything to make people smile. Along with clothing, I’ve brought in a small collection of glassware and accessories. My personal collection of glassware is one of my most prized possessions and I’m excited to extend it past my own cupboards. 

If you’re looking for unique pieces, Frances Finds is the place for you. People might say this collection is “young” but to them I say, don’t put my baby in a corner. To name a few; there are jackets, blouses, silky pajama sets, and last I checked, you don’t age out of those. In fact, I don’t believe age should play any role in fashion at all. I predict I’ll watch Guess Jeans go in and out of style at least three more times before I’m gone, and I plan to wear them every time. “Wear what excites you” and if this collection does that (as I hope it will) don’t let the “rules” hold you back. 

*Disclaimer! Rules put in place to save lives, i.e. mask-wearing, social distancing etc. are not included in this theory. :) 


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