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About Les Sól
Sól | salt, in Polish
Sol | sun, in Spanish
Sol | ground, floor, earth, soil, in French

“Les Sól” is a merging of elements and cultures. The name itself is derived from a few languages. In Polish, “sól” means “salt”—as in saltwater, or the ocean. In Spanish, “sol” translates to “sun,” while in French, meaning “ground.” Thus, earth, water, and fire—our three favorite elements. If Les Sól were a place, it might be Palm Springs, Calif.—deep in the desert, but not far from the beach. The brand is a reflection of the global feel of the shop and its products, as well as its sister duo owners Mikaela and Megan Harrod—who are both avid global travelers.
We have always wanted to own and run a boutique together, and are excited to bring our shared passions for fashion, community, and sustainability together with Les Sól. With Les Sól, a lifestyle boutique, we hope to bring warmth and positivity to the Minneapolis retail community with its strong West Coast vibes to this state we love and has meant so much to both of us. It’s a bit eccentric, but also high-end. It’s honestly very much an extension of our own shared personal style.
Les Sól is a mood. It’s a “get-out-of-bed-and-tackle-life-with-a-smile-and-passion” kind of vibe. It’s a little different…eccentric, even. Like each and every one of us. And that’s what sets us apart. Most importantly, it’s not just a boutique—it’s a COMMUNITY. We are a proudly female-owned and operated lifestyle boutique for sustainable, ethical women's clothes and accessories with an endless summer vibe made by independent artists, designers, and small brands. Love, Megan and Mikaela, and the entire Les Sól fam

Meet the Les Sól Ladies 

Mikaela - Co-Owner/Creative Director Mikaela, a.k.a. the "Boss Lady" is a jack of all trades kind o' lady. A creative to the core and fashion designer by trade, she is a photographer, designer, connector and general good vibes-spreader. Mikaela and older sister Megan have always dreamed of opening a boutique together, and Mikaela is thrilled to make it happen. She is also mom to Django, the shop dog.  

Megan - Co-Owner/PR+Marketing Wizard Megan is the woman behind the curtain...kind of like the Wizard of Oz, but way less creepy (she lives in Park City, Utah). She has 15+ years of PR and marketing experience, and owns her own PR and marketing firm that specializes in storytelling in the outdoor world, and specifically snow sports. She travels frequently, loves espresso and red wine, and lives for good storytelling.