Surfside Stump

Designer: Melty Stuff

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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Melty Stuff focuses on locally sourced, urban lumber, paired with a one of a kind stone, which consists of gypsum powder, pigment, wood, sawdust, rocks, and whatever was swept up on my shop floor (who the hell knows what's encapsulated in your piece!). 

With thoughtfully crafted templates and molds, the end result of these materials looks soft, with unnatural movements and clean lines, but the material is heavy, extremely durable, and in nature, the opposite of soft. The end result is taking something natural, tediously remove the organic feel, then spit shine the earthly nature back into it. Was the shape already in there this whole time?

The stone material is durable and sealed with a clear coat. For indoor use only. Do not leave pieces to prolonged moisture as overtime it will weaken and potentially crumble (I have yet to see this happen yet, but it seems like the logic progression of misuse with these types of powder based materials). Chipping, cracks, overall wear (or even a full blown break) will take place with heavy use/if dropped.

Put your books under, adjacent, or on them, put your rings, pins, and gems in them, serve some blood sausage, head cheese, and a baguette on it and you're set!

8” tall & 6” long & 2” wide

Pigment dyed stone with sawdust & wood shavings