Hi babes…ok, so we’ve alluded to it, but we haven’t officially shared the news yet. Welp, here it is - *WE ARE MOVING!!*

We are SO excited to share with you all that we’ve officially signed a lease and our new home will be located in Uptown at 1614 West Lake Street. This little slice of Uptown has always been meaningful to us, as Megan lived here for years, Mikaela now calls the neighborhood home, and we have a mutual love for Barbette and their bubbly and oysters. With Combine across the street and another fave retailer (tba) as our neighb, we’re jazzed to be part of a little retail zone and breathe new life into the already awesome area.

We have been in full-on dream mode lately, talking about elevating our brand, thinking about Les Sol 2.0, and concepting the look and feel of our new space with our designer Mags. It’s heaps of fun, but it’s also a little stressful and chaotic.

We will be in our current location at 44 Commons through the month and will be targeting an opening in our new home July 7th. Stay tuned to our social, as things can always change, and thanks for your patience as we’re a small-but-mighty business working to be thrifty and resourceful in this transition. Of course, we are always open online at shoplessol.com, so you can check us out there.

Big thanks to Mike and Tim (and the Sebastian Joe's family) and 44 Commons for the home that made our dream a reality…we have so many beautiful memories in Linden Hills. Thank you times a million. We will still swing by for Oreo ice cream, don’t worry.

We are thrilled to be moving to Uptown, and we hope you all are thrilled along with us.

Much Love,
Mikaela and Megan💋

P.S. Spread the word.

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