#LoveDeluxe Luxury Bath Salt

Designer: Kobi Co.

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Made by Kobi Co. in Minneapolis

Heyyyyy, smooth operator. Sprinkle those rose petals ALL over the bathroom and treat bae to a sexy bubble bath, some fancy dark chocolates, and… you know. We created this vibe to honor the quiet storm that is Sadé, and we hope you enjoy it to its fullest intention. 😉

Kobi Co.’s luxury bath salts combine Dead Sea salt & hemp oil with our signature fragrance blends to help you set the vibe while purging impurities from the skin, healing sore muscles, or getting over the sniffles. 

Materials: Dead Sea salt, dried flower buds, epsom salt, eucalyptus leaf oil, citrus lemon peel oil.  Includes reusable mesh bag with ultra-thin corn fiber mesh texture for better water permeability.  Flower leaves will expand and bloom fully in the water.  

Fragrance: Champagne, roses, and dark chocolate. Sounds like it’s gonna be a good night. 😉

Playlist Preview. Six hours of Sadé and “Sadé adjacent” slow jams curated for sexy times. 🔥Search #LoveDeluxe by Kobi Co. on Spotify to see the whole thing.