Lifestyle Restock Alert: Scandles + Salt & Stone

Lifestyle Restock Alert: Scandles + Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone

With the last few glimpses of warmth for our Minnesota summer you’ll need something to keep your pits dry and your skin protected. Lucky you, we just restocked Salt & Stone! 

Salt & Stone is based out of Los Angeles, California. They strive to create products for busy bodies who want to smell and feel good all while helping the environment. Salt & Stone derives their ingredients from the mountains to the ocean, primarily utilizing the beneficial components of seaweed due to its nutrient dense composition. They consider their connection to our planet through every step of the way. That’s why their packaging is made from up-cycled ocean plastics, recycled and biodegradable materials. 

We’ve loved Salt & Stone for a while now! Our current faves are the Natural Deodorant - Formula No. 1 in the scent Santal and the Lightweight Sheet daily sunscreen. 

The Santal scented deodorant does a great job keeping us dry and smelly free in the summer heat. It also smells like fall which is getting us excited for cooler weather. 

We also love the SPF from Salt & Stone because it protects our skin from the sun’s intense rays. The SPF 40 provides the perfect coverage from the uv. It’s 100% mineral based, oil free and sheer, meaning we can wear it all day without even noticing it’s there. 


With fall just around the corner, Scandles is really getting us in the mood for cooler weather and spooky vibes!

Another Los Angeles brand, Scandles are candles that are a little bit out there, def not the norm! They are hand-poured and made with 100% natural soy wax and essential oils. Each piece varies in color, scent and appearance with slight cosmetic variations as they are made with love by hand and that’s part of the reason we love them! We’re currently obsessed with the Palmistry and the Big Kahuna Palm candles in the scent Honeysuckle serving all of the delightful smells and spooky season ambiance. 

Shop these goodies and more, from Salt & Stone and Scandles in store and online here!

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