Why We Love Our Neighborhood...

Why We Love Our Neighborhood...

We’re obsessed with our new neighborhood in Uptown! With Sooki & Mimi and The Tasting Room just a short walk away, and Amoré Victoria, Lake & Irving, and our fave Barbette literally a hop, skip, and jump away…we are in food and bevvy heaven. 

Try the “Watermelon Sugar” cocktail and the Korean fried chicken wings at Sooki & Mimi…they’re our favorite. At Barbette, we recommend the oysters and pommes frites. So yum. 

Down the street towards Bde Maka Ska, you’ll find Brim…with a super healthy and fully gluten-free (which Mikaela loves!) menu. The mango pineapple smoothie and chicken pesto sandwich are our top picks. 

Our fellow neighborhood boutique Combine carries men’s and women’s clothing and lifestyle/home goods. Mike, the owner, is the best, and welcomed us to the neighborhood with flowers on opening day. If you can’t find something at Les Sòl, Combine is sure to have it (and vice versa). We love.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love themselves some spa time?! Spot Spa is on the top of our list, and it’s just a few doors down!! What’s more, rumor has it a tattoo/piercing parlor and another retailer (whom we adore) are coming to the neighborhood soon too, so stay tuned!!


Megan (and Mikaela)

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